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Stop Divorce & Save Marriage

Stop Divorce & Save Marriage

Planets in our natal chart signify intelligence and emotions about relationships. If the planetary positions are not well placed then sadness, anger, loneliness, jealousy, self-criticism and fear of rejection rises. All other Negative emotions come towards the mind where people feel helpless and through the decision of divorce.

Cause Behind Divorce And How to Save Marriage

As divorce refers to the legal end of a marriage and separations from your spouse forever which are always tough to bear. It is very unfortunate for a couple to get separated that's why marriage is called the sacred bond. The lack of understanding and compatibility between two consenting individuals and their family often lead to divorce i.e. legal separation. In many cases planetary combinations also lead to divorce but there are always hidden solutions for avoiding it.

To save the relationship, people must learn to be humble and give respect to their spouse. They should always try to understand their partner and give time to clear misunderstandings. Don’t be Stubborn and try to understand your Partner's point of view. This can help to understand the situation better and resolve it.

If you or your spouse both are bound to struggle with your inflated egos and a sense of superiority then it could give rise to various conflicts and ultimately result in divorce too. Instead of being stubborn, control your over reaction and try to understand why your partner’s behavior and emotions. Here you need not to feed your ego and subtly handle the problem to save your relationship. Give the ample love and care to your spouse she wants from you in your relationship, and that appreciation and selfless love will take you out of the situation. You can easily save your marriage by showing trust over your partner.

Astrological Viewpoint in Terms of Divorce

Emotion plays an important role in our relationship and it is guided by the moon. Therefore the situation of a divorce will depend on the benefic or afflicted moon in your natal chart or in your horoscope.

Divorce is the cause of certain Negative Emotions of Planets. The lack of love, joy, emotional support and contentment in a relationship pushes you slowly to the process of divorce.

If Rahu and Saturn join the Lagna in a person’s horoscope, then that person is likely to face separation and discord in your marital relationship.

Presence of Venus in Krittika Nakshatra is most inauspicious for married life and gives very bad results.

Your Action on Divorce and Separation

Consult Marriage Astrologer Lalit to know the Negative Placement of your Planets in advance and ask how to handle the heavy energy of negative combinations in your Horoscope. This can further help you to Stop Divorce & Save Marriage by handling Challenges and the difficult Emotions.

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