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Problems After Marriage

Problems After Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful journey of life with your partner full of spiritual and emotional union. People marry young, share good and bad times together as husband-wife and have a family. Suddenly due to some issues they begin to fight and feel alone when they are with their partner.

Why Do Couples Have to Face Problems After Marriage?

It is very common that problems in marriage are bound to come because two individuals having different personalities meet together and live under one roof. In such conditions there are chances of clashes to take place. Times are not always the same as good times come after bad and vice versa.

There are lots of added responsibilities when a person gets married and one has to bear it with honesty to make their married life smooth. Some people are unable to handle the responsibility and amidst the day-to-day tensions. If a person is unable to keep up the expectations of his/her partner it does not mean that he/she doesn't love his/her partner. It’s the thing of mutual understanding which is necessary to run any relationship.

Problems After Marriage

Role of planets in to create or shrink marriage problems

Position of planets in the house of your horoscope plays a vital role in the ups and downs in a person's married life. Horoscope can indicate the early married life problems of an individual.

  • In the male horoscope, Venus and the lord of the seventh house is the significator of marriage.
  • Presence of benefic planets in the seventh house shows a happy married life. If Venus, Mars or Jupiter is in the wrong house in the horoscope, it can shrink your marital bliss.
  • If Venus and Jupiter are in a beneficial position in the horoscope, it maintains cordiality and increases love in the relationship.

Know The Reasons That Create Trouble in Married Life

  • In-laws problems are the most common issue that almost all married couples face. Trouble due to in-laws' behavior is one of the major problems that the couple faces. Only a few In-laws are extremely supportive and close but most of them turn out to be just the opposite so conflict occurs with them.
  • For a newly-married person, to complain about her or his partner’s irritating or harmful habits is not surprising. If your partner has a Irritating habits then you have to go through trouble adjusting with your partner's habits.
  • Financial challenges also create trouble in married life as expense increases after marriage and it gets more serious after childbirth.
  • Due to your career issue your partner may take divorce. Try to set your career before marriage to avoid these types of issues.
  • Extramarital affairs of your partner is a very big problem in your married life.
  • Position of planets in your houses is also responsible for the troubles after marriage.

How to Resolve Married Life Problems - Astrologer Lalit Kumar

  • Which is the best Lagna for you to get married.
  • Details about your spouse and gun milan are must for future harmony in life.
  • Assessment on that area which causes marriage problems and how to avoid it.
  • Important rituals to do before or after marriage to remove the negative impact of planets for a healthy relationship.
  • What you should do and don't.

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