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Delay in Boy Marriage Remedies

Delay in Boy Marriage Remedies

Marriage is not just a bond between two husband and wife but the union of two families. It also needs a healthy relationship between spouses, to have children in their life to carry forward the generation of family.

Delay in Boy Marriage may be due to many reasons like unfavorable planetary combinations in your horoscope, any physical disability, Manglik dosha in kundli etc. In India, people are of different cultures and traditions. In some regions, marriage is considered good between the ages of 22 to 30. Due to any reasons if you are facing a delay in marriage, astrology can solve it. Person who is facing a delay in marriage can find out the astrological reasons by consulting Astrologer Lalit Kumar and learn about the suitable remedies to get a suitable life partner for him/her.

Delay in Boys Marriage Mantra

“Patni Manorama Dehi Manovaratanusarinim ! Tarini Durgsansarsagrasaya Kulodbhawam !!”

Chanting the mantra with other remedies too will give strength to it. Always respect your parents and elderly people. Boys should not have multiple relations with females. Offer sweets and cosmetics to girls under 12 years and worship them during navratri. Worship God Ganpati and Maa Lakshmi together.

Remedies For Delay in Boy Marriage

  • Don’t keep a mirror in your bedroom and don’t sit on the bed while eating food or eat food in the drawing-room.
  • Always consult an astrologer before wearing a gemstone to make sure it is not causing you harm.
  • Must wear yellow clothes on Thursday and pour Jal in banana trees and Peepal trees in the early morning.
  • Chant the mantra “Om brum brihaspataye namah'' 3 times daily in front of the idol of Lord Vishnu.
  • Plant a Banyan tree outside your home for early marriage and not consume salt on 3 consecutive Thursdays.
  • Light five earthen lamps with oil under the neem tree also place Lord Ganpati idol under it and pray to the lord.

Astrological Remedies to get rid of delay in marriage

  • Jupiter - Jupiter signifies the elders in your life so respect your elders to improve the significance of Jupiter in your life.
  • Venus - Venus will be manifested in your life as your female friend or relative in your life. You can improve your Venus by helping the females and having a friendly relationship with them.
  • Saturn - Saturn could be the reason for your delayed marriage. Improve your relationship with the people who are working under you. Pacifying the negative result of Saturn will vanish delayed marriage problems from your life.

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