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Disturbed Marriage Life

Disturbed Marriage Life

When a person marries, there are lots of hopes and dreams running in his/ her mind. The expectations from both sides play an important role in the ups and downs of a marital life. When a couple goes through the phases of a married life, the charm and love between two people can vanish when their expectations don't match. They starts digging up the past, starts verbal abuse, throws tantrums and belittling the in-laws. From this point, they bow the seed of a disturbed married life and start losing attraction for each other.

Why People Have a Disturbed Marriage Life

The most common problems in a marriage is lack of communication between couples. Due to the busy schedule and modern life style they are lacking for time and not giving company to each other. This creates a gap in the couple which effects their sexual life too. Lack of sexual intimacy can result in indifference and their relationship may bend towards the wrong way. This is the high time when the partners need to discuss and resolve their issues calmly with emotions. If they are unable to solve the issue then they must take astrological help from the best marriage specialist Astrologer Lalit Kumar. Astrological reasons for Disturbed Married Life are given below

  • Planetary positions in your horoscope may be the reason for issues couples facing in their married life.
  • Planets movement and their combination with the Lore of houses play an important role in bringing happiness and tension in one’s married life.
  • Avoid compatibility matches before marriage may bring uncertain clashes in a relationship.
  • The seventh house or the seventh house lord can cause disturbance or bliss in one's married life.
  • The combination of 7th house lord with 6th house, 8th house and 12th house will create disputes and disharmony in married life.
  • If your Mercury is weak then it causes problems in married life by creating dissatisfaction and miscommunication between the couples.

Solutions For a Disturbed Marriage Life

Disturbed marriage life affects individuals' lives but also children and all the family members of both sides have to suffer. The environment of the family gets toxic. To solve the problem of disturbed marriage life with astrology, one should contact the Astrologer Lalit Kumar. He has many astrological solutions for your disturbed marriage life and overcoming problems. Factors affecting your married life can be removed completely by astrological solutions like mantra, Yantra, kaalsarp yoga, grahan yoga, pitra dosha, manglik dosha, graha shanti process, tantrik remedies to remove black magic effects over couples. In case of any help you can consult him or visit his office.

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