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Navagraha (9 Planets) Pooja

Navagraha (9 Planets) Pooja

In Hindu society, Navagraha Pooja is an important ritual by which all nine planets or Navagraha are worshipped to get the divine grace. These Navagraha are assumed to control a person's karmas and wishes.

Navagraha Pooja is actually a worship of all nine planets in Vedic astrology. The position of Navagraha in the janma kundali or natal chart of a person describes various aspects and certain incidents occurring in a person's life.

This pooja helps a person to get good health, wealth, knowledge, success, peace and prosperity in life.

Since each planet has its good or bad influence in life, the appeasement of these Navagraha is supposed to be very necessary to avoid the negative effect of one or more planets as per their position in birth chart.

This Navagraha Pooja has a great impact in life that can diminish or fully eliminate negative effects or doshas present in a person's birth horoscope. By doing this necessary pooja positive changes occur in the concerned person's life.

So, Navagraha Pooja is a very necessary and vital vedic ritual which is performed for all nine planets in Vedic astrology.

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It is mentioned here that according to the janma kundali analysis, you can opt for the Navagraha Pooja or Pooja for any specific planet.

Navagraha Pooja or 9 Planet Pooja Benefits in Your Life

The following benefits mentioned below describe how each planet improves your life after being worshipped.

  • Sun makes you strong, courageous, dominant over rivals, successful, famous, healthy, prosperous and relieved from chronic diseases.
  • Moon makes you cool and calm, a person with an attractive personality, good handler of emotions, wealthy, popular and successful in life.
  • Mars gives you power, lots of wealth, good health, affluence and reduces the possibility of imprisonment, deadly attacks, disasters and mugging.
  • Mercury makes you wise, successful in business, rich and relieved from ailments of nervous system and body functions.
  • Jupiter distils negative emotions and gives religious stability and bravery. This pooja also helps in getting improved health, long life, high education, philosophical skills, richness, good luck and religious nature.
  • By appeasing Venus one can be blessed with strong love and relationships, long life, money, prosperity, high opportunities in art and education, supremacy in media, pretty children and internal pleasure.
  • The worship of Saturn is very helpful in lowering the effect of disasters and it gives spiritual peace, affluence, good health and happiness.
  • Rahu provides popularity, long life, power boost, discreet and rational thinking.
  • Ketu offers good health, better economic conditions, good fate, luck, internal happinesses, increasing devotion and stops the loss of assets and sudden demise due to poison.

The Pooja of Navagraha or Pooja of any specific planet brings desired impact and strengthens the concerned person to fight for the life complications.

Thus, by doing adoration with faith and sincerity, the negative effects of any planet being positioned on an ill place in one's birth chart, can be avoided. In addition to this, it also brings positive and auspicious outcomes.

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