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Delay in Girl Marriage Remedies

Delay in Girl Marriage Remedies

In vedic astrology, remedies for delayed marriage help many people to avoid late marriage and get the right partner. Vedic astrology also helps to solve the associated problem arising due to delayed marriage life. For all, marriage is a very important aspect of human life. Everyone wants to marry at the right age and initiate a family life. It is one of the most beautiful phases of life when couples tie a knot with each other. Sometimes, destiny plays a game and due to several reasons many people have to face an unnecessary delay in marriage. Delay in marriage, especially for a girl, leads to sadness and many worries for her future in parent's mind.

A specific age is considered for getting married in our societies and long delays after that specified marriageable age is not considered good. Don’t do this girls if you want to get married at right age -

  • Don’t postpone marriage plans because of your career.
  • Don’t have unrealistic expectations from your partner and in-laws.
  • Set your expectations right and don’t be too choosy. If you keep on rejecting good people's marriage proposals, you might not get married for a long time.
  • Your life partner shares a karmic bond with you so when there’s a delay in marriage, the bond doesn’t complete and brings bad luck and all sorts of sorrows.

Avoid the marriage delay of a girl

A great way to avoid the marriage delay of a girl is to find the reason for not getting the perfect life partner. If you need astrological help in finding the best match, consult our Astrologer Lalit Kumar along with your kundali. Below are the few points which cause delay in marriage -

  • The influence of your past on your present life causes problems.
  • The presence of Manglik dosh in kundali reduces the options of a partner for you to choose.
  • Interferences from family members and follow all member's suggestions.
  • Your education and social status, especially if you are a female.
  • A secret attraction to someone of the opposite sex or your ex love.
  • Having too many expectations of your partner.
  • Any weaknesses or inability of your own.
  • Solutions for delayed marriage.

Delay in Girl’s Marriage Mantra

"Om Namo Bhagwate Rukmini Vallaabhaye Swaha!"

Delay in Girl’s Marriage Remedies

  • Planet Saturn is responsible for judging, awarding and punishing people based on their karma. If any girl is facing a delay in marriage due to Shani dosh and wants to overcome this issue should donate whatever she can to help a poor girl at her wedding.
  • If your marriage is delayed due to the planet Rahu then you should often worship Goddess Durga to find your groom.
  • Feeding the cows helps to make your Mercury stronger and this is one of the best remedies for overcoming delay in marriage especially feeding green grass or leafy vegetables.
  • Chanting Gauri Shanker Mantra for revving the process of finding the groom is the most popular remedy.
  • In case of delay in marriage, if a girl is going to the groom's house, she should keep her hair open and be happy on the day. Always keep your right foot first while entering the groom's house.

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