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Birth Chart Analysis Astrologer

Birth Chart Analysis Astrologer

What is a Birth Chart ?

A horoscope, which is also known as natal chart, astrological chart, astro-chart, celestial map, sky-map, star-chart, cosmogram, vitasphere, radical chart or radix is an astrological chart or diagram that represents the positions of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and two shadow planets Rahu and Ketu at the time of a person's birth.

Birth Chart Analysis or Astrological Reading

Birth chart analysis is a complete interpretation of a person's horoscope on the basis of planetary positions at the time of birth of that person. Birth chart analysis can provide you with various predictions about your life.

The astrological predictions based on the birth chart analysis include the different areas of life such as health, education, career/occupation, marriage, finance, relationship with family and friends, personal achievements, strengths and weaknesses.

Birth chart analysis depends on some factors associated with each of the twelve houses of the birth chart.

The below mentioned each astrological house is related with some particular areas.

  • House-1: Self-identity
  • House-2: Self-esteem and Money
  • House-3: Environment and communications
  • House-4: Family, Home and Security
  • House-5: Self-Demonstration, Creativity, Love and Romance
  • House-6: Occupation and Health
  • House-7: Marriage and Relationship
  • House-8: Variation and Sexual Relation
  • House-9: Ideology, Higher Education and Travels
  • House-10: Career/Profession, Responsibility and Reputation
  • House-11: Desires, Ambitions and Personal Goals
  • House-12: Spiritual Growth and Privacy

Benefits and Importance of Birth Chart Analysis

In vedic hindu astrology, birth charts are known as kundali which are based on the movement of sun, moon and some other physical and non physical planets.

In our society, any auspicious ritual, event or program is performed only after checking the Muhurat or most appropriate time.

Hence, it becomes even more important to have a birth chart and its analysis. Following are the biggest benefits of birth chart analysis.

  • Birth chart analysis gives you a roadmap of your life.
  • Birth chart analysis provides you with your identification.
  • Birth chart analysis offers cautiousness and makes you aware of future incidents.
  • Birth chart analysis helps you in seeking the most compatible match for your love or marriage relationship that can definitely improve your life.
  • Birth chart analysis can suggest the most appropriate time to start a business, an event or anything else.
  • Birth chart analysis can also suggest to you the most suitable category or field for doing a business or job.

Birth chart analysis makes you ready for the ups and downs of the future.

Where to get your Birth Chart Analysis done ?

In ancient times, only kings could consult with an astrologer but today anybody can take help from an expert astrologer.

Nowadays, astrological readings or birth chart analysis has been an essential part of our cultural life.

If you already have some clues about your natal patterns, you will feel more comfortable and empowered in your upcoming life's journey.

Our globally accepted astrologer Lalit Kumar has a long experience of analyzing birth charts and describing the inner world, personality traits, love life, finances, professional life, marriage, marriage partners, parents, children, siblings and friends of many people. You can also consult with our astro specialist about any issue of your life.

The most accurate predictions by our expert Lalit Kumar, continuously helping a large number of people in India and across the world by making their lives better.

By doing a detailed analysis of your birth chart, he will provide a complete astro solution for all your problems.

To avail any of the above problems solutions by astrology, please call at: +91-9571392501 or Mail your problem's in detail to: All information associated with our clients is kept confidential and is never shared by anyone.

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