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Marriage Getting Delayed

Marriage Getting Delayed

Reasons for delay in marriage can be either planetary or self-created. Concerned people or parent’s focus on marriage prediction in case of delayed marriage. Will I get married, What date will my wedding be, Will it be an arranged marriage or love marriage are the few questions in a young person's mind and they can find the answers only by their marriage horoscope. It is best to consult the famous Astrologer Lalit Kumar for your marriage predictions. If there is any issue which causes your marriage delay then here you can get remedies for that also.

Astrological Remedies For Marriage Getting Delayed

  • Pour milk over the Shivling in the temple while worshiping.
  • Keep fast on 16 consecutive Mondays and try to dress like Goddess Paravati when worshiping Shiva. Offer Jalabhishek on Shivling is a must.
  • If marriage is delayed due to Rahu dosh then worshiping Goddess Durga will help you.
  • Donating some food to the poor.
  • Add a pinch of turmeric in water while bathing
  • Apply a tilak of saffron and haldi after bathing.
  • Buy a lock with keys and put it under your pillow. Next morning, keep this lock and keys at a crossing and move forward, make sure you don’t look back.
  • Put off the shoes or slippers before entering the boy’s or girl’s home if your marriage is breaking down at the last stage of discussion.
  • In case of boys facing delays in marriage, Astrologer Lalit Kumar suggests that he must donate Yellow clothes on Thursday and White clothes on Monday for four consecutive weeks. If possible donate new clothes.
  • In case of girls facing delays in marriage, keep their hair open while visiting the boy’s house for marriage related discussions or meetings.

Mantra For Delayed Marriage

Gauri Shankar Mantra -
"हे गौरी शंकर अर्धागिंनी यथा त्वं शंकर प्रिया,
तथा माम कुरू कल्याणी कान्त कान्ता सुदुर्लभम्"

The Power of Gemstones If Marriage is Getting Delayed

  • Diamonds enhance the love and romance in your relationship. That is why people generally use diamonds in engagement rings. It removes the stress and eases anxiety by clearing the person’s mind of negative and threatening ideas and increases sensuous strength and goodness.
  • Ruby represents the Sun which solves conflicts and shows improvement in a person's life. Ruby is the symbol of passion and love.
  • Emerald is an excellent detoxifier and balancer of one’s inner energy and also supports better intelligence. It gives the native maturity but newlywed couples must avoid wearing it.
  • Girls who have delays in marriage can wear Yellow Sapphire as it links to the planet Jupiter. This stone will facilitate and enhance your married life by fostering happiness.

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