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Job Promotion by Astrology

Job Promotion by Astrology

Planetary placement plays an important role in our lives and we all are affected with the planetary combinations in our birth chart.

The whole story of life can be known through the positions of various planets in our birth chart.

So, if you have the presence of favourable planets in your birth chart, you are more likely to have a better life while the presence of malefic planets makes your life struggling.

If you want promotion in your job, you must have the favourable configuration of the planets in your birth chart. Hence, you may expect promotion in job during the dasha periods of the socond, ninth and tenth house lords.

Transit of planets also plays an important role in getting job promotion by astrology.

Effects Of Planetary Combinations For Job Promotion

According to Astrology, the second and ninth houses are responsible for the financial condition and good luck respectively in a person's life.

The tenth and eleventh houses of your birth chart also play a very important role for career stability and profits in your life.

Moreover, the sixth house is also taken into consideration while analyzing a native’s career.

So, when these houses get into association, you get a promotion in your job. In addition to above mentioned situations, the transit of a favourable planet over the eleventh house also provides beneficial outcomes in your job.

It is most likely to get a promotion in a job during the dasha period of lord of the tenth house.

The Navamsha and Dasamsa chart and their dasha period begin in your life when lords of tenth or eleventh houses are well positioned in lagna.

Planets Responsible For Job Promotion/Career Growth

In astrology, the planet Saturn is known as the Karmafaldata and is the most influential planet related to job or career in a person's life. It is mainly responsible for managing a profession or livelihood for a person.

Since it's a planet of hard work and discipline, it also creates adverse situations and troubles in life.

It provides plenty of good things if it is located at the right place in the birth chart and also brings favourable outcomes when it transits in the third, sixth and eleventh houses.

You can also have opportunities of job change if Saturn influences the tenth house with some other astrological factors during its transit.

As per the astrology, for the job promotion predictions, the transit of Saturn in different houses plays a key role.

There can also be a strong possibility of job promotion if Jupiter creates influence at the second and eleventh houses in transit.

How Our Expert Helps In Job Promotion

If you are waiting for a promotion, you can consult with some expert astrologist who has deep knowledge of various astrological Yogas, Dashas and Transits of different planets.

If you are unable to find such an expert who can help you in getting the long awaited promotion, feel free to meet our renowned astrologer Lalit Kumar.

Our expert astrologer works for the most favorable transits to predict job promotion for you once he ensures the yoga and dasha periods.

Thus, focusing on the yoga, dasha period and the transit of planets, he tries to bring favourable conditions of different planets to provide a job promotion and career stability for you.

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