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Most Powerful Gemstone for Love

Most Powerful Gemstone for Love

In today’s busy life, you don't have much time for your personal life. So, this lack of time affects your relationship. According to astrology, you can get rid of the problems related to your love and married life by using some specific gemstones. These gemstones have their own characteristics, so their usage not only helps to overcome your career, business or health related problems, but also strengthens your love relationship. Since each gemstone has its specific quality, the way of wearing a particular gemstone is also quite different.

Here, we are mentioning some of the most powerful gemstones for love and marriage relationships which are as follows.

Rose Quartz

This gemstone is also known as pink sphatik. It is useful for you if you are seeking a good life partner. Rose Quartz is also known as the Love Stone because it brings love and trust in your relationship. This gemstone makes you positive and no negative energy remains around you.

Rose Quartz can be held by wearing a ring, bracelet or necklace. You can also keep the Rose Quartz Shree Yantra in your bedroom to make your relationship stronger.

Ruby Stone (Manik)

In vedic astrology, Ruby Stone is supposed to be a very useful gemstone for love relationships. Since it's a shining gemstone and is associated with the Sun, it is said to be the king of gemstones. Ruby Stone affects you both physically and mentally. It makes you feel energetic in life and makes your love relationship better.

Since Ruby Stone is a symbol of energy, enthusiasm, passion, happiness, health and prosperity, wearing it helps you to improve yourself with increasing love between you and your love partner.


You can eliminate conflicts from your love relationship and create faith for each other by holding this gem Moonstone or popularly known as Chandrakant Mani. Moonstone is usually suggested when you feel insecure in a relationship. Wearing Moonstone makes you positive and generates protective energy in you. If you use Moonstone, you become cool, patient and self controller.

Pearl Stone (Moti)

Pearl Stone or more commonly known as Moti is a gemstone related to the Moon. It is regarded as a symbol of sanctity, mildness, beauty, mercy and love. Wearing a Pearl removes the problems from your love life. It also reduces your anger and makes you cool and calm.

Since there are different types of pearls in the market, you must wear only natural pearls after consulting with an expert astrologer. You can hold the pearl in a silver ring and wear it with a little finger. It can also be worn by holding it in a silver locket.

Yellow Sapphire Stone (Pukhraj)

It's a valuable gemstone which represents Jupiter. It is useful for both husband and son. It brings love and happiness in your married life. Holding a Yellow Sapphire helps you to seek a loving and caring life partner. This gemstone can also give you the happiness of a child. It boosts your confidence and comprehensiveness with a sense of protective energy in yourself.

Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire Stone is held in a gold ring and worn in the index finger of the right hand. It can also be worn as a locket in a gold chain.

Opal Stone

Being a gemstone of Venus, it is considered a symbol of love, beauty and gentleness. Holding it increases love and mutual understanding between you and your beloved one.

Opal Stone reflects your sentiments and makes you feel calm and positive. Holding an Opal stone makes your love relationship very strong. This gemstone is held in a silver ring and worn in the middle or little finger. It can also be worn as a locket by holding it in a gold, silver or platinum chain.

Emerald stone (Panna)

Emerald stone which is also known as Panna, is a very useful gemstone for love and marriage relations. Being a symbol of trust and love, wearing an Emerald stone brings positivity and strong love feelings in your life. Since it is regarded as the gemstone of Mercury, holding it improves your intelligence level and controls the state of your mind. It is also beneficial in eliminating the growing distance between the two lovers.

Emerald stone is generally recommended to wear in a little finger by holding it in a silver or gold ring. You can also hold it in a gold chain.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is regarded as a symbol of love, so it helps you to be stronger mentally, physically and emotionally. It is worn by the people to make their love relationship stronger.

Blue Topaz is usually worn for removing your anger, negative energies and weaknesses. It also helps you to feel positive and keep your mind balanced for love and work. It can be held either in a ring or in a locket.

Where to consult for the right gemstone ?

If you are worried about your love relationship and seeking for the expert who can suggest you the most powerful gemstone for love, you may consult with our best astrologer in India, Lalit Kumar.

He will give you the proper advice for holding the right gemstone and the correct way of holding it in detail.

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