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Marriage Astrology Expert

Marriage Astrology Expert

What is Marriage Astrology ?

Marriage Astrology is all about the predictions based on a person's birth chart that plays a very significant role to know about the marriage or post marriage relationship of a person.

Since happiness, success, physical and mental requirements and other important aspects of life are closely related with marriage and life partner, everybody has big dreams and expectations from his/her marriage. It's an important event that brings various changes in a person's life.

The marriage of a person depends upon the situation of the seventh house in the birth chart of that person and Venus is responsible for ensuring the marriage conditions. Therefore, Venus must be strong in a person's horoscope to create favourable marriage conditions.

In astrology, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Moon are supposed to be the favorable planets.

While Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu and Ketu are considered as unfavorable planets. Thus, the favorable planets cause early marriage while unfavorable planets cause delay in marriage.

If Mercury or Moon exists in the seventh house of your birth chart, you will be married at a very young age.

What causes delay in marriage ?

The reasons for delay in marriage include the planets like Sun, Saturn and Rahu in a person's birth chart. If any one of the Sun, Saturn and Rahu exists in the 7th house of a person's horoscope, there will be delay in marriage.

If Sun is present in the seventh house of your birth chart, there will be delay in your marriage and you will face a lot of problems.

The presence of Saturn in the 7th house also causes serious delay in marriage.

And, the presence of Mars in the 7th house creates Manglik Yog which also delays marriage.

So, if you want to get married or if you are a parent and anxious about your son or daughter’s marriage, you may get a complete solution for your problems by consulting with some experienced marriage astrology expert.

Benefits and Importance of Marriage Astrology

You can know everything about your life-partner by your birth chart or horoscope. For example -

  • Physical features of your life partner from the seventh house.
  • Background of your partner from the eighth house.
  • Career of your partner from the fourth house.
  • Financial status of your partner from the fifth house.
  • Location of your partner from the sixth house.

Our top astrologer in India, Astrologer Lalit Kumar makes predictions and provides suggestions about the following marriage prospects.

  • Predictions about life partners.
  • Predictions whether you will have a love or an arranged marriage.
  • Astrological help for the delay in marriage.
  • Suggestions for marriage compatibility from date of birth.
  • Astrological help in improving married life and relationship problems.
  • Astrological help in case of divorce and the right solution to avoid it.
  • Astrological predictions about Second marriage.
  • Astrological predictions about the longevity of a marriage.
  • Suggestions and solutions for having a happy married life.
  • Astrological predictions about your life partner.

You can take help from our marriage astrology expert for both before and after marriage.

Where To Consult For Marriage Astrology

There are different factors for marriage compatibility which must be taken into account before thinking of marriage. So, if there is any issue, astrology also helps in nullifying the effect of those planets which may create disturbance either before or after the marriage in somebody's life.

If you are going to get married and thinking of a happy married life, you must consult with a marriage astrology expert before the marriage to minimize the possibility of a divorce or rift. He will provide you the best solution to all marriage-related matters.

If you are eager to know all about marriage astrology and predictions, you can consult with our top astrologer in India Lalit Kumar who has enough experience to answer all of your questions.

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