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Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra In Ancient And Its Importance

Vastu shastra is a very old knowledge used by people thousands of years ago. Mention of Vastu sastra is found in Vedas also. Earlier the architects used their knowledge of vastu when building palaces and homes. As the time passes, awareness among people increases and they understand the importance of vastu. Now-a-day everyone is likely to have their homes planned according to the vastu rules mentioned. Everyone who doesn't have the accurate Vastu knowledge must hire a Vastu consultants before starting the construction to make a perfect home.

Vaastu Shastra Services Provided by Astrologer Lalit Kumar

Vastu Shastra Expert 'Astrologer Lalit Kumar' is a well-known vastu adviser in India who has helped hundreds of people. The vastu services provided by him are as follows-

Colour Ideas For Your Residence -

Different areas of the house should be painted by different colors according to vastu.

  • The East-face room should be light blue or white color and the west-face room should also be white or blue color.
  • Light blue color is good for north-east facing rooms whereas south-east facing should be silver, orange or pink in color to increase the energy.
  • South faced rooms should be yellow or red in color whereas rooms that are north facing should be green or pista colors.
  • Ideal colors for north-west are cream, light gray and white whereas south-west faced rooms should be light brown, mud-colored or peach color.

It is advisable to consult a vastu expert before final selection.

Vastu Guide For Your Workplace Or Office -

In vastu tips, vastu astrologer tells you how you should decorate your office and do interiors. The correct position of seating arrangements of employees, accounts and bosses affect the progress of business.

How to utilize Vastu Shastra to bring prosperity in your life -

Entrance door direction plays a major role to attain prosperity in the house because all positive energy enters through this door. Alway determine the direction of entrance based on vastu principle. Master bedroom should be in the south-west direction whereas the kitchen should be in the south-east direction.

Vastu Rules For The Position Of Home Appliances For Positivity -
  • Position of bed - Southwest part of the room
  • Dining Table - Either in kitchen or in the northwest position of hall
  • Fridges - Northeast position of the room
  • Mirror - East and north walls of the room
  • Study table - Southwest part of the room
  • Almirah - Southwest position of the southwest room
  • Shoe Rack - Southwest portion of the outer area or veranda
Vastu Rules For The Position Of Home Appliances For Positivity -

People consider Feng Shui as one of the best ways to attract more wealth. It helps to get more profits in business and give financial security. Through many studies it is found that it also helps to improve the quality of life, your health, build a successful career and bring more harmony to your relationships. There are many loving Feng Shui plants which people use to keep in the green areas of their office or home.

Which plant should you place at home and where?

Keeping the plant inside your room offers fresh aroma which effectively keeps the surrounding fresh. It helps you to beat the stress and also offer a good mood. Some auspicious plants are Tulsi, Sammi, Money Plant etc. which you can keep at home but always keep in the right place and direction. You must take the advice from a vastu consultant about which plant you should keep and what will be the right place.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra actually is based on various energies that come from nature like solar energy, light energy, cosmic energy, thermal energy, lunar energy, magnetic energy and wind energy. These energies enhance peace, prosperity and success in our life. The people who follow all the vastu principles can enjoy all the happiness in life. Who doesn't follow the vastu rules or go against vastu principals may suffer from many problems, worries and there will never be peace in their life.

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