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Second Marriage

Second Marriage

Idea of Second Marriage comes to mind when your first marriage fails. Failure of first marriage may be due to natural reasons or self-created reasons. A well prepared marriage kundli gives the clear indications of a second marriage in astrology also the circumstances under which marriage will be done. At the time of first marriage, people have to focus on auspicious events to cheer. If people consult a good astrologer to remove the unforeseen circumstances before 1st marriage then the chance of a second marriage can be neglected. Second marriage is generally taken as the last step after failure of the first one.

How does astrology work for second marriage

Astrology is dependent on the position of stars and planets which affects a person's mood, personality and environment on the basis of their birth. It's quite possible that the second marriage of a person shall survive when the first one turns disastrous. Second Marriage Prediction helps to make predictions in a person's personal, professional and social life according to the position of astronomical bodies. If there is any bad Grah Dasha in the kundali of a person then early marriage prediction can help to resolve the issue by astrological remedies.

Which Planets & Houses responsible for second marriage

There are some specific planets and houses in a birth chart that are responsible for second marriages in astrology. It is a technical term only understood by astrologers, so it is better to consult the best astrologer for the overall implications of second marriage.

The 2nd house, 7th house, planets Venus and Jupiter factor the most in deciding the marriage of a person but 9th house is the most significant for second marriage. If planet Venus and Jupiter are malefic in the chart then it indicates divorce for the person.Also if the 7th house has any malefic planets positioned in it then it signifies a second marriage.

Astrologer Lalit Kumar has explained about the Planetary combinations responsible for second marriage here. The number of remarriage cases coming to him were so high that he thought to write about this topic in India’s leading Newspaper.

Can you help me in my second marriage?

A birth chart has clear indication of a second marriage in the horoscope of a person. In the opinion of the Astrologer Lalit Kumar chances of second or multiple marriages should have been seen at the time of first marriage itself if the kundli matching for marriage was careful.

The 9th house in the chart is responsible for the success and stability of the second marriage and also decides the nature of the person. To know whether the second marriage will fare better than the first marriage, you have to compare the 7th and the 9th houses in the horoscope. Astrologer Lalit Kumar is always there to help his clients all across the world. Contact bhim anytime if you have any doubt about a second marriage.

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