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Problems With Inlaws

Problems With Inlaws

In laws causing problems in marriage

Marriage is not just marrying your spouse and taking his/her responsibility, it's about making a bond with in-laws to lead a happy married life. Generally, it’s tough to make a good bond with in-laws and clashes occur most of the time. To make a healthy relationship with your in-laws, some tips are given below.

Stop separation from husband because of in laws

Do you feel that your in-laws are trying to control you and your husband? Your husband is not listening to you and he is in the influence of your in-laws. They are creating misunderstanding between you both and your relationship is getting spoiled.

It is better to find a solution and control the situation before it puts too much pressure and stress on your marriage relationship.

Common in laws problem due to astrological reasons and how to handle it

Are you fighting with your husband because of in-laws? There are many reasons why there is always a cold war happening with the husband and his family members. Some astrological reasons for troubles with In-Laws are

  • The 4th house of the lord brings discomfort among the family members if it is not placed in the correct position.
  • Conflict occurs with in-laws if the Mangle of the spouse is weak and there is Pitra dosh also in the kundali.
  • When Moon is affected by Rahu in Janam kundli then two persons always criticize each other.
  • Mother-in-law may be jealous of her bahu's beauty and education, even dislikes everything done by her when the second place is weak in a girl’s marriage kundli.
  • Moon-Saturn and Moon-Ketu adverse effects ever make you nice to others.

Distancing yourself from in-laws

In real life it is very tough to handle sensitive and dramatic in-laws who always try to create problems and misunderstandings between spouses. Try to maintain distance from such in-laws otherwise they will ruin your married life. The best thing is to ignore them or respond to him in a proper way. Make sure to talk to them in the presence of your spouse and respond to them politely so that they don't get any chance to create drama. If it is not easier to handle them for you then you can contact a Astrologer Lalit Kumar to control them by astrology.

Best astrologer to handle in laws problems

Solution of in-laws problems can be found after observation and depth analysis of the status of houses of spouse. Astrologer Lalit Kumar helps you for resolving in laws problems with the help of logical Yantra, gemstones and vedic mantras etc. If you are always fighting with your husband because of in-laws, mother in-law is ruining your married life and you are feeling trapped living with in-laws then you must contact Astrologer Lalit Kumar for consultation.

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