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Problems in Married Life

Problems in Married Life

Every married couple is not so blessed to have a happy married life. There are various marital disharmony that make their life difficult and challenging. Their married life becomes stressful and tense which affects children's life also. It is tough to give a happy and healthy environment for children to grow. The family environment is not good, so no other member of the family can be happy. So, it is very important to solve the issues and make everyone's life happy.

It is always advised to consult the Marriage Problem Solution Expert Astrologer Lalit Kumar if your married life is not happy. You can also avail the service of Detailed Kundali Matching, Ask Question related to your life, Future married life predictions and detailed Marriage Report with the solution towards a successful marital union.

Married life problems and solution

Problems faced by a married couples - Most common problems faced by a couples in married life are

  • Financial issues or money problem
  • Childless Issues or Child care issues
  • Daily stress due to work load or other family matters
  • Poor communication with partner due to busy schedule
  • Bad behaviors of partner or using abusive words
  • Neglecting your own life
  • Interference of family members in personal matters
  • Sexual differences
  • Trying to change Each Other nature
  • Lack of attention or lack of appreciation for good work
  • Spending more time on social media
  • Trust issue or Selfish behavior
  • Losing your temper and shouting on your partner over silly things
  • Unrealistic expectation from partner
  • Crossing your limits
  • Lack of privacy, dishonesty etc.

Below is the solution to overcome from the marriage related issues

  • Communicate properly with your partner and clear all your doubts
  • Stop heated argument and take a break from fight with each other
  • Never go against each other as you are a team and make decision together
  • Respect to your partner and try to understand his point of view
  • Worship Lord Vishnu

Every problem has a healthy approach so focus on that. Hurdles in marriage are very common so don’t blame your partner for everything. You have to be patient and try to solve your problem peacefully together.

Marriage life future prediction by astrology

As per astrology, issues in marriage are caused due to planetary positions of the spouse's birth chart. If the person's 7th house is weak then the bond between the couple will also weaken and the couple can't understand each other point of view. If the 2nd house is affected then it causes problems in the family which affect the couple's life too. If the 4th house is affected then the quarrel or domestic violence may happen between the spouses. Bad position of the fourth Lord or 4th house is not good for a happy married life. If the lord of the 12th house is in 8th, 6th or in 7th house then it causes problems in marriage.

Remedies for problems in married life

Consult our expert Astrologer Lalit Kumar for effective astrological remedies for marriage problems, issues related to marriage and remedies for marriage related issues. His remedies are very powerful and well tested and have changed many people's lives too. If you are facing any problem then contact him to improve your relationship.

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