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Kundli Making/Matching

Kundli Making/Matching

Kundli making is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life as it reveals incredible information in regards to their prospects of finding a compatible life partner. Successful marriages are found on the basis of accurate reading of kundli or horoscope. Kundli making essentially includes checking the matching of ashta-koota, which examines precisely 36 gunas or key elements of an individual’s kundli. In order for kundli matching to be successful of the two individuals who are to potentially get married, a minimum of 18 gunas have to necessarily be matching. It is only when any of the 18 out of the 36 fundamental elements of horoscopes match, the kundli matching is found to successful and the two person can move forward with a fulfilling married life.

Astrologer Lalit Kumar has been an expert in kundli making/matching and has been trusted by many across the world. Keep on reading to know why it is important to do kundli making/matching.

What information is revealed in Kundli making/matching?

Marriage is a long term commitment and therefore entering the institution of marriage with a compatible and understanding person is absolutely necessary. Basically astrological readings of the kundli can provide insights into the basics factors that would either make or break the marriage. As explained earlier the more the gunas are matching, the more chances are there that the partners would be compatible in marriage.


Kundli matching will help you determine and answer questions in regards to the compatibility of partners, future goals of the partners, behavioural tendencies, sexual tendencies, future wants and desires, and many more. More importantly, kundli making/matching will also help in discovering the presence of Mangal dosha, Nandi dosha or Madhya Nandi Dosha. Presence of Mangal dosha in one of the partner’s kundli may lead to a lot of difficulties for their spouse after marriage, if its solutions are not taken seriously. Nextly, presence of Nandi Dosha will cause immense difficulties in child birth. Sadly, presence of Madhya Nandi Dosha will lead to the couple never being able to give birth or raise a child of their own.

Kundli Making/Matching by Astrologer Lalit Kumar

Kundli making/matching is something whose importance can never be reduced when contemplating about marriage and leading a happy life. Due to his stellar track record in the reading of movement of stars and planetary movements in a person’s horoscope, he has gained immense respect and reputation in his career.

He believes in bringing together of two souls who are very compatible and therefore provides his Vedic astrology based advises in kundli making, so that any dosha or unwanted hurdles are not faced during marriage.

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