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Enemy Problem Solution

Enemy Problem Solution

We all know that successful people have lots of enemies around them. The enemy problem in life is very dangerous and has a bad impact on life. On the way to success the fear of enemy attack always makes the process slow to be more powerful. Enemy problems are like hidden attacks which are more dangerous and their results are also unpredictable. You must contact the famous Astrologer Lalit Kumar if you are facing enemy problems.

Types of enemy problems

Here are some of the types of enemy problems which you might face in your life

  • Negative competition
  • Property related issues
  • Love problems
  • Feeling of jealousy
  • Business rivalr
  • War to win
  • Misunderstanding issues
  • Signs of having enemy

If you are experiencing the above problems then you must take quick action without wasting time. The some common symptoms which are observed in people who are under evil’s eye or effect of black magic are

  • Hair in food
  • Unwanted fear
  • Excessive of laziness
  • Undesirable smell
  • Uncomfortable or disturbed sleep because of nightmares
  • False feeling that someone is there with you all the time
  • Sudden loss in business
  • Sudden death in family
  • No desire to work
  • Sudden loss in health
  • Unexpected loss in wealth
  • Abnormal behavior of the victim
  • Chronic health issues in family

Enemy problems may start due to astrological reasons. Weak position of the Sun and Mars in horoscopes may create new enemies in life. Mars in the sixth house joined by Sun or Rahu causes danger from robbers, militants and Anti social elements and is responsible for enemy problems. Venus in the sixth house makes evil from, the moon in the 6th house can expose one to danger from mobs and the public.

If the planet Saturn is afflicting the factors of the 6th house then the person faces the problems with household staff, labour class members, servants or factory workers. If sun is afflicting the sixth house then it may push a native into a tangle of complications involving tax and other governmental issues.

Astrological remedies to get rid form enemy problems

Worship of lord Hanuman after taking bath and recite Hanuman Chalisa daily as he always protects us from fear and enemy.

Offering red or orange chola on every Tuesday and Saturday at an auspicious time.

Reciting Hanuman chalisa 108 times in a go in one sitting either morning or evening.

Reciting Ramcharitmanas on every Saturday evening helps more.

Installing Siddh Yantra in your pooja room acts as a protection against evil eyes and negative energy. This will protect you, your family, business, finance and everything from negativity and enemies also.

Siddh Mahakali yantra is also very helpful to protect your family and business from all types of negativities and always brings success in your life.

These remedies will create a strong shield for you and family against all the enemies, physical or non physical.

Best astrologer for remedies of Enemy Problem

Astrological remedies and vashikaran are the most effective measures for getting rid of enemies and turning them into true friends. Our famous astrologer Lalit Kumar is an expert astrologer in Vedic astrology and vashikaran services. He has the spiritual approach in an emphatic and realistic world which helps to resolve enemy problems. He has an experience of 15+ years in this field. He suggests very traditional Mantra therapy, charity, Puja and gemstone which shows results in no time. He also does vashikaran to control your enemy very easily.

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