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Baby Names by Nakshatra

Baby Names by Nakshatra

In Indian astrology, Nakshatra is described as star signs forming when the moon travels through the sky passed by the 27 sections or ‘lunar houses’. Most of us believe that nakshatra plays a significant role in shaping their baby’s life, character and destiny. Parents can select a name that starts with that particular sound or syllable according to their baby's birth nakshatra because each nakshatra has certain syllables that are considered lucky for the baby. Parents should contact the numerologist to pick a name that will bring luck to the baby and also the family.

How To Find My Baby Birth Nakshatra?

Contact Astrologer Lalit Kumar to calculate the birth nakshatra or birth star of your baby. You’ll need to provide your baby’s details like place and time of birth. With the help of these details, astrologer can calculate the position of the moon in the 27 lunar houses at the time of the baby's birth. These lunar houses where the moon is present at the time of child's birth will be the baby’s nakshatra.

Why is Baby Birth Nakshatra Important?

Naming your child based on Swar according to nakshatra can give positive results in his / her growth and development. This is why birth stars/ nakshatra of a child are important as per Indian astrology. The astrologer will prepare a birth chart or Janampatri, which will tell not just the baby’s nakshatra, but also the position of all the planets at the time of the birth and a brief future prediction of the baby too. All this information will help the parent to take any decision related to the baby to keep his future in mind. If there are any down phases in future then parent’s have time to take consultation from an astrologer and get correct remedies to convert the fall into opportunity for the child.

27 Nakshatras With Baby Names Swar

Each nakshatra has different phonetic sounds so parents have to focus on sound only because spelling may be different but sound should be the same.

No Nakshatra Name Starting Letters
1 Aswini Nakshatra Chu, Che, Cho, La, Chay
2 Bharani Nakshatra Lee, Lu, Le, Lo, Li
3 Krithika (Karthikai) Nakshatra A, Ee, U, EA, I, E
4 Rohini Nakshatra O, VA, VI, VU, Vee
5 Mrigashiras (Magayiriyam) Ve, Vo, Ka, Ki
6 Arudra (Thiruvadhirai) Ku, Gha, Da, Cha, Ja, Kam
7 Punarvasu (Punartham) Ke, Ko, Ha, Hi
8 BharPushyami (Pooyam) Nakshatra Hu, He, Ho, Da
9 Ashlesha (Ayilyam) Dee, Doo, Day, Do, Me, Moo
10 Makha (Magha, Makam) Ma, Me, Mu, Mi, Ta, Ti
11 Poorva Phalguni (Pooram, Pubba) Mo, Pa, Tho, Thoo
12 Uttara Phalguni (Uttara, Utram) Pi, Pa, Na, Te
13 Hastha (Atham) Pa, Poo, Ra, Tha
14 Chitra (Chithira) Tu, Thae, Ri, Pe
15 Swati (Chothy) Ru, Re, Ro, Tha, Roo
16 Visakha (Visakam) Te, Tu, Tae, To
17 Anuradha (Anizham) Na, Nee, Noo, Nae
18 Jyeshta (Triketta) No, Ya, Ye, U
19 Moola (Moolam) Yo, Ye, Bhi, Bha
20 Purva ashada (Purvashada) Bha, Bhe, Ja, Ji
21 Uthra shaada (Uthradam BE, BO, JA, JI
22 Sravana (Thiruvonam) Khi, Khee, So, Ka
23 Dhanishta (Avittam) Ga, Gi, Gu, Ge, Gee
24 Sathabisham (Chathayam) Go, Sa, Si, Su, S, See
25 Purvabhadra (Pururuttathy, Purva Bhadra) Se, So, Da, Di
26 Uttarabhadra (Uthrittathy, Uttara Bhadra) Du, Sham, Jha, Na
27 Revathi (Revati) De, Do, Cha, Chi

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